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    Ive got to lots of neetls, one in a nice big pot and these are growing nice and fast and have gone from a few cuttings to over half a meter high in about 6 weeks, but my others i have planted about a meter or so away in my raised garden area just rnt growing at all, any ideas? These are the nativ neetles i think with small leaves not the chattam island one

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    Hi Zoe,

    If it is Urtica incisa (the small leaved native nettle), they tend to send out runners underground which aren’t immediately apparent, and so it looks like nothing is happening. You may well find they will pop up further along because all the current activity is going on below the soil. Often with U. incisa that is a good sign because they are establishing themselves starting with a good base (the roots).

    Sometimes U. incisa can sulk a little at times too, and then just when you are set to give up them – presto – a big flush of growth! Don’t give up on them : )

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