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    Its 8.3 outside (feels like 5 apparently) here in Welly … its very cold and wet! But a new girl emerged today (I called her June lol). She is the second of my indoor brood to have emerged. The first struck it lucky in a patch of warm ‘ish’ days and flew off. I have four likely candidates left to emerge, two that look like they won’t and one large hungry caterpillar. I just hope to get some better days to release the butterflys.

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    Hi Leslie

    I suggest you release them somewhere where they’ll get MAXIMUM sun and shelter and leave it to Nature. I have them emerging outside and when I see them I move them somewhere where they’ll get every ray of sun, and no wind – and if it rains it’s relatively sheltered. Best you can do at this time of year.

    Great work!

    Please report it in to so that next year and more we have a record of where monarchs were and when.



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