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    Hi all, I recently visited the National Fieldays at Mystery Creek and found an interesting new product which would be particularly good for people with little room for gardening, or people who are renting. It is called ‘GreenSmart’ and is a pot (or tub) for growing veges and herbs. It has a water resevoir at the bottom, then a shelf about a 3rd of the way up, supported by 6 hollow legs that go down through the water.

    The hollow legs are filled with potting mix and firmed, this forming the ‘wick’. It has a clear plastic tube at one end that shows the level of water and for filling, and a row of holes at the side to drain off excess and maintain an air layer between the water and potting mix.

    People who have had experience with this pot, say that plants grow much faster than they do in the garden because you can put it in a sheltered place and it always has water available. You can take a week off without having to worry about the plants drying out.

    I wondered about what to plant in it and thought – Why not a butterfly garden. An asclepias curassavica, Silky scarlet and silky gold in the middle, a couple of Gomphorcarpus fruiticosa at one end and gomphorcarpus physocarpus the other.

    The centre could have 4 or 5 nettles (U.urens) to cater to admirals, then pop in a few blue ageratum and french marigolds along the sides to feed the butterflies. They are sizeable pots – the lge. L:74cm, W:44cm, H:29cm.

    Small – L:57cm, W:40cm, H:23cm.(herb pot)

    They have a website to check it out – I’m having a go. Bryan.

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    I am wondering how you got on with this pot for your butterfly garden Bryan, as it looks a really great idea.
    Its tempting to get one, but I thought I’d see how yours turned out first. Any photos?



    They look really good. I have a self-watering seed propogator that works along similar lines. You get the well established benefits of a raised bed, and the water would provide an excellent thermal mass, cooling in the day and warming at night. Shame about the price though.

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