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    I still have EEA tags left. Do I still use them now [Oct ,10? Older monarchs are laying.

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    My first ‘batch’ of eggs finished and have released 105 b’flies since beginning of December, about 50/50 males and females all a good size. Now onto 2nd batch on re-grown plants, and seeds planted October are 2 to 3 inches high, hope they’ll be big enough for late summer feeding. A number of butterflies are staying around, 10-12 on warm days even in wild winds as yesterday. No more wasps seen – yet – but keeping all ‘pillars in the shadehouse from now on. Jean



    Yes, if you’re on the tagging list you’ll be advised. There will also be a post in here and an email newsletter will go out to everyone too.


    Dave Rippey

    Do I assume correctly if I think that we will all be advised when 2011 tags etc are available and to be used etc?



    That’s great, keeping records like that, Jean. Very helpful to us others.

    I keep saying “I must do that” but never do. 🙁



    Thanks Flutterbys for reminding me – I keep a diary from first seeds planted, then first eggs and so on. I see in 2009 I planted seeds in August, first eggs in January. But this year shadehouse plants survived the winter, and first eggs 7 October. Anticipating a good long season so thousands of seeds broadcast in flower garden 13 October. Weather since has been hot and cold, an occasional b’fly around but also a few paper wasps – must find their nests!!
    Jean, BGW, Nelson



    Christine what I do is keep a notebook from the very first Monarch emerged from its chrysalis.
    In the notebook I put the date, sex,where released and time released. Other people may put other information its entirely up to you Christine.

    Then when tagging begins in March I use the same notebook but note down date, tag #, sex, time released, and wing span if I have enough time to do so.

    Hope this all helps you Christine.




    Hi Christine,

    yes the monarchs that are hatching now do not need to be tagged. Don’t ignore them, they are just as beautiful as the autumn ones! But it is the movements of the autumn ones that we are researching.

    As for lifespan, I can’t improve on Robapon’s summary:

    In short, each stage lasts about;
    eggs – 1-3 weeks
    caterpillars – 4-8 weeks
    pupae – 2 – 5 weeks
    adults – 5 weeks to 6 months
    This depends on season mainly. Take the shorter times for mid-summer & the longer for early spring / late autunm. Adults start over-wintering from April in most parts of NZ (These are the ones that live about 6 months).

    Hope this helps,




    Now, I do need to get this correct. If we have newly hatched ones in March they receive a [new batch 2011] tag?
    If these new eggs laid a few days ago, hatch soon, I ignore them?
    Our season up here is likely to be early.
    I am on the lookout for swan seeds – my two plants are not going to last long!!

    BTW – what is the lifespan of a monarch in NZ?



    Thanks Char, AND there will be new tags then too, another series. It’s only the Autumn generation that we want to tag.

    Christine, would you be able to return those ones to me please? PO Box 44100 Pt Chevalier. We might have a use for them.





    Hi Christine

    I wouldn’t use them as this may confuse everyone if they see lots of tagged Monarchs.
    The tagging for 2011 does not start until March next year.

    Hope this helps you Christine.


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