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    Hi we are relatively new to raising butterfly’s, second season, I need some info, we have five milkweed plants and MANY caterpillars. As a rule, how many per plant? With pupa, does it dry out at all during its cycle or has it died? Lastly why is the deep freeze suggested for end of life measures? Many thanks in advance

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    Hi Natlil if you are keeping a chrysalis inside its best to mist it with water daily or they can dry out, and keep out of direct sunlight too. Depending on how dry they get they may die or have problems hatching out. As far as how many per plant goes there is a link at top if the forum with some guidelines on caterpillar care. One rule here , you NEVER have too much plant and it pays to have a management strategy to prevent being overrun. One strategy is to keep plants aside under nets, there are others. And finally, no matter how careful you are sad things do happen to these creatures and sometimes its kinder to euthanase. As they are cold blooded they go to sleep in the cold. So if i’m in that position I put them in a container on a tissue in the fridge first so they go to sleep then put them in the freezer. Obviously you can squash them but that’s got an emotional cost for a lot of us even if the butterfly/caterpillar know nothing about it.

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