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    Great news! Our website is being upgraded, and you will notice changes over forthcoming weeks.

    The first step is to move the whole site (it’s HUGE) to a new server, and this has taken place – so now we need a few “guinea pigs” to test it and see how it looks. Everyone uses different browsers, and everyone has a different computer and different screen…

    So would you please post below how it looks to you – does it work etc?

    You will need to log in – the log in is monarch

    The password is MBNZ2012!

    MBNZ is in capitals, then the year, then an exclamation mark.

    Note that the way in which emails are getting sent when a new person registers and when someone uploads a photo needs to be configured and tested. Also the custom search box still points to the live website.

    Please feel free to look around and see if things work – please post comments below.

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    That’s a very good point, Joanna. Thanks for that. We will add it to the list of changes and improvements we intend to make. They won’t happen overnight, but it’s going to be even better as time goes by.



    Seems to be working ok for me using firefox. However (and I hope this isn’t too off topic) I feel there are issues in the “Report a Sighting” page which could be improved in terms of being more user friendly.
    Currently when I report a sighting of a species other than a monarch, I click on the species name box but this is not evident when I go back to research past reports. It is only evident which species has been reported IF it is mentioned in the “description” box. The location of the sighting does not show either (unless in the description also).
    I can only seem to search past sightings when I have entered a new sighting.
    It would be good to have the facility to edit my reported sightings eg. to add a GPS coordinate.


    Hi everyone,

    Thank you all very much for your responses and feedback, they are much appreciated!

    At the moment, we have moved the site over without any of the content (pictures, videos, pdfs etc) just because this would take up a lot of space and is not needed for the time being. So this would be why some pictures, links etc. are not showing up or are broken.

    The forum is the main aspect that has changed since the upgrade to WordPress 3.4.2 bbPress has also upgraded their product – instead of being a separate component to WordPress (with a separate admin section) it is now a plugin for WordPress.
    This means that the custom theme that was made for this forum is no longer valid, and it has taken the look and feel of the default WordPress theme. It also means that we have run into some strange issues as you have mentioned to do with the HTML tags showing up in some posts. This is to do with the conversion from the old forum to the new forum and we are currently looking further into this.

    The custom plugin is working on our Dev environment, however it seems to have stopped working as expected when rolled out to the Test server (the website you have been testing). We are currently working on this to figure out what changed in the changeover to make sure we have this working perfectly when rolling out to live 🙂

    We are very happy to hear your feedback and we thank you for your quick responses to our first test roll-out.

    Please keep the responses coming so we can make sure we are all on the same page when the new website comes around.

    I will update this post when further changes are made.

    Thanks 🙂




    Aha, the “address fill thing” I was talking about is obviously “Address autocomplete” now I read Chris’s previous post.
    and also get the Error 500 msg (internal server error) when I try to submit (click the Report Pest button)
    I am using Google Chrome as my browser.



    I tested it using an ipad, and it looked good:)…but that was a brief look at only the forum.
    I wonder though about the <p> stuff though usually from the initial poster in a thread.



    Working through the test site so far have found
    – that the pics of the trustees don’t show
    – Report of the Trustees for AGM 2012 isn’t there (broken link)
    – Other species subpages don’t show either text or image
    – under projects/report a pest the address fill thing doesn’t work

    Will spend a bit more time later.



    OK, took me a minute or two to spot that the password is MBNZ2012! (with exclamation mark) and not MBNZ2012 …

    * Password reset didn’t work. Intentionally disabled?
    * Address autocomplete on “Report a sighting” doesn’t work ( vs
    * Error 500 when submitting the “Report a sighting” page, submission worked on current site
    * Suggest testing pest sightings also, similar issues likely



    Hi Jacqui

    I was just editing last post on this thread when you answered. I was being very dumb asking about change of name as well, not noticing the change of name thread next down on the forum list.



    All seems to be working for me.

    The first post on each forum topic are showing their <p> and <br /> tags but that’s no major. I’m using Chrome on Ubuntu 12.04.



    Hello Terry

    We’re looking for things that don’t work. I doubt if you will see any changes – but if things don’t work for you, that’s what we want to hear about. So far they have shifted the whole site from one server to another, and sometimes things fall over when that is done. They have also upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and the forum management program… the name of which escapes me for the moment.


    So that’s good to hear it’s working with your system, Terry.



    Well!!!! It looks roughly the same as the old one apart from the forum list looking slightly different. What big changes should I be looking for?
    Additional info! I am on HD Wide screen monitor 21inch using firefox browser, ubuntu 10.10 OS. I have not viewed new website on my Windows XP partition but it will probably look better on my Google chrome browser as my IE8 is out of date and IE9 works only on windows 7 and 8, apparently???

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