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    Hi all, I am Suz. I live in upper Hutt and currently don’t have a "real garden" actually, to be honest I never have been much of a "green thumb". lol But this last year I have taken a liking to growing some daisies and not my three swan plants that now have caterpillars on them! I was so shocked to find them this afternoon! I had put it outside for a few weeks not thinking to bring it back in after some sun and air. From all the info I can gather my plants will not be big enough to feed my new babies so will need to look at getting more plants and in hope of finding some big ones! Any advice in how to transfer some caterpillars to other plants if I can get bigger plants because there are quite a few. I had also found some unhatched eggs which I took off. Any other advice I might need as a newbie? :-) Thanks!

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    Easiest way to transfer the caterpillars is to let them do it themselves. Just put the new plants right up close and friendly to the old plants.

    The least handling you can do with your caterpillars the better. You never know when your hands might have contaminants on them – the biggest hazard would probably be sunscreen.

    Personally, I prefer not to remove unhatched eggs. You never know which one is going to make it to become butterflies. Some are destined to become food for other critters. My own personal opinion.

    You’ll find lots of wisdom in here, Suz, to help you on your mission to help Monarch butterlfies. Feel free to come in here anytime. Great to hear that you’re getting more and more into gardening.

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