Newly emerged monarch, wings fully open but twisted

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    I have been looking online including this forum and website for information about monarch wing deformities, but haven’t found anything like what has happened here.

    Wings have opened, fully outstretched with full wing span. But twisted at the points at which they are anchored to the thorax. Each of the four ‘wings’ is curled backwards around itself – so undersides of wings are revealed. Wings are each separated from the other (almost looks like a ‘cross’ configuration of the wings of a dragonfly).

    Other butterflies emerging on the same day (yesterday) were fine. Didn’t notice condition of this particular pupae before butterfly emerged (was attached to a Day Lily leaf).

    What could have caused this?


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    Thank you Caryl, this is one of the webpages I looked at initially, but found nothing similar to what I had seen with this particular butterfly. However, I didn’t realise that damaged chrysalises could produce such a wide range of problems – including what I have described above. Tanya



    I’m pretty certain Tanya the chrysalis would have had some damage…. see this link. It’s the most helpful I have seen about damaged chrysalises and the resulting deformities.

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