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    Hi all, I have just been speaking with Jacqui re publicity for the Monarch Organisation and tagging. I have managed to organise a couple of articles in the local Franklin papers and the eLocal magazine is going to run a two page spread closer to Xmas – their distribution is increasing to include Auckland as well, so very exciting news. I am happy to contact other newspapers and magazines around NZ to organise either a letter to the editor or even better, a story. Jacqui and I have thought of Golf Magazine, NZ Gardener, but need other suggestions of local papers or magazines. Please put your thinking caps on, thanks.

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    Thanks for the tips, I will get to work!



    Local Govt newletters are worth a go too, Alison, if you, or others, can come up with a local angle – eg local group of members or local schools tagging and/or rearing Monarchs.
    Waitakere and Aucland Cities both have regular newsletters to all ratepayers, so I imagine most others do too.
    I agree with Jacqui – more chance of a local story being published than the “official” press releases which can tend to be “same old, same old”.



    Yes, Char they’re all great. These are all papers in my media list, and when I send out an “official” press release, they all get a copy. But sometimes unofficial, grass roots message (e.g. from one of you) gets through when they might just ignore one from an “official” at the organisation.

    So go to it – anyone can write a letter to the editor. And even if they get the same or similar letters from two or more of you, then it might just be more encouraging.

    Another sentence you might want to add in is:

    Three years ago one Monarch tagged at Pukawa Bay, near Turangi, turned up at Whangarei ? nearly 400km away.



    Jacqui what about the Weekend Gardener this magazine comes out fortnightly.

    I have notified the Titirangi Tatler.
    There is a local newspaper called The Roundabout I think in New Lynn.

    The times newspaper in Manukau.
    Devonport Flagstaff website below

    Dominion Post in Wellington.

    Local matters (Warkworth, Wellsford, Matakana)

    Napier Mail.

    Otago Daily Times

    Sunday Star Times





    Excellent Jane, thanks – I’ve suggested that the Manawatu Standard might like to interview you!





    tramping and wilderness magazines. If anyone wonders why I suggest golfing magazines, it’s because we had lots of golfers reporting in an overwintering swarm about five years ago in a golf course on the Hibiscus Coast. I figure parks and golfcourses would be naturals as there are many groves of typical overwintering trees.

    Forestry and foresters, arborists, park rangers would be other good targets too.



    Would you be able to send your article to the above address? They were calling out for interesting garden articles etc not that long ago.

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