No Butterflies or Caterpillars for almost 2 months

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    Has anyone else been noticing a complete lack of monarchs lately? I have several plants with flowers but none of them have gotten any caterpillars for 2 months now (I already had the first generation in spring). I’m in the southern US, so maybe that has something to do with it.

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    Hi Crimson

    Well, this is a New Zealand group, and it’s midwinter here – so not too many monarchs around. Some here and there where people are fostering them. But mostly they’ve flown off to overwintering sites in local parks.

    Now here are some recommendations for you to find out more about what’s happening in your neighbourhood. There are FB groups, one of the largest and most informative would have to be The Beautiful Monarch.

    Also, check out

    From what I’ve heard, the monarchs migrate north as the spring-summer gets hotter, so they might be mostly in the northern USA/Canada by now. As today is the longest day for you today, perhaps you’ll get to see them again as the summer moves into fall, and they migrate south again? But then… perhaps you’re in Florida, where you see them all year.

    Hope you soon get feedback from people nearby.

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