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    Judy Whitcombe

    I have just read about you in the Listener and wanted to add what is happening down Porirua way.

    I grow swan plants and each spring and summer look down on Monarchs as they fly around my garden. I watch the caterpillars too.

    But this season there were only a couple of butterfly sightings in spring when the cherry blossom was in flower, and nothing since – and the swan plant is producing flowers and swans – the leaves are not being eaten.

    Could this be one of the 'wild fluctuations' that were mentioned in the article?

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    Hello Judy

    Great to hear from you. It certainly is one of the wild fluctuations. Let's hope that other Porirua people visit this thread, and tell us what their experiences have been like.

    You might find that now that the wasps (should) have changed their diet from protein (e.g. caterpillars) to nectar, you might stillg et some wild egg-laying when a female Monarch visits. But watch out for praying mantises, shield beetles, assassin bugs, ants… and the rest of them.


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