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    Hi everyone,

    I have made it easier in that you only need to scroll past the recent topics and the quick topic form is sitting there ready for you to type away 🙂

    I can place it somewhere else if it suits but I thought this was the most appropriate since you don’t want to push down your recent topics?

    Eventually we will be adding quick topic buttons on the side bar or somewhere easier to access.

    Thanks, hope everything is going good with the site 🙂


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    If like me, you are finding it difficult to create a new post in the forum, Ana gave some directions in a post on “Testing the website” which I am copying to here (and trying it out at the same time!). Here are the instructions:

    “For the meantime, you can add a new topic by scrolling to the bottom (past all of the recent topics) and clicking on which forum you want to add a topic to. Once you are in that forum you can start a new topic but scrolling to the bottom and entering the details. This is the same as how to reply (located at the bottom).”

    Remember to put your topic tags on. These are the subject keywords that other people can use to search for the topic e.g. Admirals, caterpillars, wasps…

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