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    Looking to get some help.
    Earlier in year was successful in raising 20 monarchs.
    I am now on to my next ones, but it is not looking successful. They are in 3rd I star( most of them) but have now refused to eat anything. They are mostly on inside of leaves head down.they have not eaten for 2/3 days. I have done exactly the same as earlier in year. No change in environment (outside) on plants,plants are from reputable raiser of monarchs.
    They would not be susceptible to sprays either by me or neighbours, and I do not handle them.
    I live outside Christchurch and all my previous ones survived into butterflies.
    They seem to have been lethargic since hatching.
    I fear they might all die unless I help them ( I have had to PTS some of them)as I thought it maybe virus(Black Death,I know not meant to call it that..sorry) but I am not sure it was.
    Any help please thank you

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    The way I look at it, when you have dying caterpillars, it could be a number of things. Check all the steps that you are taking and check up on your hygiene. Sometimes it’s time to stand back and start again, sterilising everything.

    Not very helpful, am I. But you could spend ages analysing and without doing extensive testing (taking time and also $$$ if you can locate someone who can analyse samples) you might still get it wrong.

    Good luck!

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