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    we have 3 chrysalis that aren’t hatching. Is it common for them to die while in this phase? We had 5 in total, one hatched ok and one hatched with deformed wings.

    Any help greatly appreciated. We’re new to this.


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    One of ours hung to turn into a chrysalis, it took much longer than usual and I did start to worry. But it’s changed now. I think it is the cold.



    Thank you for that information. I have several black ones that have been that way for a while. To the compost.



    expect them to take longer now. I have one inside that pupated about a week ago, i don’t expect that one to e close anytime soon. Maybe even next month. The shorter days and less natural light slows things right down.



    We have 4 chrysalises inside away from pests and frosts but they don’t seem to be doing anything and its been over two weeks now?



    I forgot to mention that sometimes a diseased pupa is too weak to emerge and after about 24 hours of looking ready to go I’ve gently prised opened the little hatch and often they will climb out if they are actually still alive. Those ones usually can’t inflate their wings and live a day more or less. I call them stumpies and its usually late autumn when that happens.



    IME its not very common in the greater scheme of things especially at the height of the season but nor is it uncommon especially at the end of the season. It just happens sometimes without any obvious cause. But sometimes there are indicators like disease and mortality in the caterpillars. This year so far I’ve had one go black and not emerge. Thats across about 60 successful e-closes. I expect more as autumn sets in. If you suspect disease I’d clean everything including plants with a dilution of Miltons.
    You can usually tell if the pupa has died because when it goes dark there are no colours to be seen. And once it has gone very dark nothing happens after 12-24 hours.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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