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    Anyone who has the Waitangi edition of the NZ Herald might like to post the first item in SIDESWIPE below so that others can enjoy it too. A friend phoned to tell me, but I would have to go find/buy a Herald to put it here. 🙁 It is a hoot!

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    Love it! Thanks Circus. 🙂



    “Kids translate nature into their own language

    “Due to an influx of wasps, we had taken to hand rearing some caterpillars,” writes Michelle Muller. “One of our little guys was just about to hatch out of its chrysalis when I had seven kids at home. I brought the old chair it had set up camp on upstairs so they could all sit around it and watch. I sat back and enjoyed watching kids getting pleasure and learning from nature rather than from technology. But it didn’t take long to be reminded of the tech talk of these kids. After a long delay in proceedings, Mr 7 asked me if the butterfly had ‘downloaded’ yet.”


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