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    I’m in Hawkes Bay and although the season did not start off very well it has ended up far better than last years, a lot more monarchs around.
    But I have noticed two things and just wondering if anyone else has –
    Firstly the majority of monarchs are much smaller this year – it seems to me despite the fact there has been enough food the caterpillars are choosing to pupate at a smaller size but then I think the egg laying monarchs have been smaller so makes sense.
    I had the tiniest one ever emerge a few days ago, perfectly formed but about the size of a white butterfly and a very pale orange also her body was paler than normal.

    Secondly the first chrysalises of the season took two weeks to hatch but I have had some recent ones emerge in THREE DAYS – I brought one inside the other day as I had watched it pupate in a bit of a silly spot, the next evening I thought it had darkened up a bit – not black, just darker green and I could see the wings forming – when I got up the next morning it had HATCHED! I never even saw it turn black.

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