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    Hi all
    Just tried to tag you on the addicts fb page Jacqui but don’t think it worked. Given the OE testing and results I’m just wondering if MBNZT is going to give us some guidelines re using caterpillar castles/monarch mansions etc.
    My montanoa grandiflora is still spectacular and I continue to have butterflies lay in my garden. I have been re homing the caterpillars I’m finding in my mansion but wonder if I should stop. As soon as their wings are dry I release.
    I have noticed more caterpillars than usual dying but that has happened at the end of every season and I thought that was normal.

    Going forward I see it as a real dilemma for next season. Rescue and save 1000s of butterflies or leave it to nature so only the strongest survive the pests

    I will leave caterpillars where they are for now (IE won’t rehome) but very interested in your thoughts.

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    There is more information in the Winter issue of BUTTERFLIES about this pathogens, and there will be more detail in the Spring issue… but while preparing for next season we urge monarch lovers to read this page put together by Edith Smith in Florida who has been breeding butterflies, including monarchs, for many years.


    Also take a look at this video which Edith made:

    As it’s the beginning of our financial year and there’s a great prize to be won to those who renew (or subscribe) before the end of July… we urge you to take out a subscription now so you’ll get both the Winter and Spring issues “hot off the press”.




    Hi Kiwilass,
    Thanks for asking as I am also wondering this. I had a butterfly tested which came back positive for OE and have had a number not make it towards the end of the season. I am wondering how to help the butterflies but not spread the OE pathogen at the same time?

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