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    I’ve been thinking about a way we might be able to reduce the number of mosquitoes around.

    The female lays her eggs on pools of still water. The eggs hatch and the wrigglers live in water for two or three weeks as they grow. Then the third stage, the pupa, also lives in the water. Finally the adults emerge, mate and then the females come to SUCK OUR BLOOD.

    We are discouraged from leaving stagnant water around the place, as it’s perfect for the females to lay their eggs. However, if we were to ENCOURAGE them by leaving bowls of water around, then EMPTY the water (compost heap or garden) every ten days, then that would break the cycle, the eggs, larvae (wrigglers) and pupae would die.

    Wouldn’t this be a great way of reducing the population? And if you had chooks, it would be great protein for them too, wouldn’t it?

    What do you reckon?

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