One Winged Monarch – help please

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    Hi – I have found a Monarch butterfly with one wing sitting on my door step.

    I have no knowledge of how to care for butterflies and would like some advice please on how to help her enjoy what life she has left.

    i have given her a drink of water, she had a paddle in the water. We are now sitting in the shade in my lounge and i don’t know what to do with her next.

    Do i put her on an inside plant with some honey water nearby and leave her be? how long might she live for? she looks fine otherwise.

    i won’t leave her outside for nature to take its course.

    thanks in advance

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    I’ve had a couple of butterflies since the 22nd of December and they are still going strong. Both unable to fly through badly wind damaged wings when I picked them up. I have a caterpillar castle .. they are advertised on this site. I’ve got nectar flowers inside and I get them a fresh buddleia flower most days and just drop them on it and they get stuck in. I wet the flowers from time to time to make sure they have water. They will also drink off a slice of watermelon or other sweet fruits. Or you can make up a nectar from honey and water and feed them that. Its easiest to just put them on a buddleia or a slice of fruit than feed them the nectar I find as they need to taste the sweetness with their feet and I’ve always fed them on my hand with the nectar just putting a drop close to their feet.
    So you need some sort of enclosure, I recommend some potted flowers for it to hang out on and sort out the food. It could live up to six weeks or so maybe longer but no guarantee 🙂

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