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    My swan plants have caterpillars on them,
    however they are now covered in aphids. What to do?

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    Chay 73, I have found aphids hard to get rid of and last season I had to give up in one patch when I discovered older leaves at the bottom of the plant were covered in them and the aphids were under the leaves and very difficult to reach. Use the detergent method every day and use a paint brush to paint it on. I found this to be the most effective method. With the paint brush you can reach all the aphids more easily. So far this season I haven’t any but I check most days. Ladybirds will do the job but only if you have lots of them. Bioforce did not work for me – the wasps took too long to hatch and by the time they did it was a huge aphid win and the plants were completely over run and unhealthy. Good luck. Caryl (Wellington)



    Hello Chay

    Can you see the “hot tag” to the right of here? Click on the word aphids which appears below it, and you will have access to what other people have done to rid their garden of aphids.

    I have aphids right now – result of the humidity and lush growth – but have bought A. colemani (which you can read about in other posts) and this time I am documenting it, taking photos as they get rid of my aphids.

    Good luck with yours!

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