Organic Feeding of Swan Plants

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    Hi All,

    Can someone give me some advice on feeding our seedlings and bigger swan plants.

    I brought some organic leaf spray for the swan plants and it works wonders. Its called Ocean Organics Urban Foliar Spray. Now that I have a few pillars on a couple of plants I am hesitant to keep using it on them.

    Can this harm the pillars in any way? or can I keep on using it whilst the pillars are on there.

    We also have brought an organic feed that clips to your hose system and we feed the plants root system with this. Is this still ok to do with pillars on plants.

    Your help is much appreciated;-).



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    Hi Burnt Orange,

    Yes I agree :-). I have stopped using it on my plants that have eggs and pillars on a while ago. Will still use it on my smaller plants in the greenhouse.

    We are using an organic feed for the soil in the garden and have dug some compost into the soil, as in our area its quite a bit of clay.

    Thanks for your tips. Much appreciated :-).



    Hi Charlotte,
    I have been using this product as well with good results. Spraying the pillars with this product is not the best, but leaves on plants away from pillars that can dry before being eaten, I think would be OK . I see it a bit like me lying in the sun having a good time and then someone coming along and spraying me with water and seaweed.

    I have just noticed on Sunday a monarch flying and laying eggs on my plants in the butterfly house,so have closed the door and have stopped spraying these plants,
    I will still use the seaweed in the other closed house for know.

    As Jacqui points out it is good to feed the soil, and with a natural product, that feeds and improves the soil structure ,to the plants requirements helps a lot.
    Ocean Organics also produce a soil feed,which I have also used. With very good results.
    Remember we are feeding the caterpillar and we do want them to be healthy and happy in their environment.
    All the best in the growing season 🙂



    Hi Jacqui,

    I have spoken with Ocean Organics this morning and they have told me the foliar spray will do no harm to the monarch caterpillars or have any deformed butterflies. They actually have a few swan plants themselves and continually spray their leaves on there plants with great results.




    Hi charlotte

    Any chance you could contact the manufacturers, and ask them for their advice?

    I think I would be loth to use anything that was applied to the leaves – as that is not natural. Plants in the main feed via their roots, and will thrive if the soil is as it is intended for the plant, i.e. some plants do better with acid soil, some in sand, some in loam etc.

    I think it is Ocean Organics that make a product that is applied to plants to prevent attacks by insects, so that product (not necessarily the one you are talking about) deliberately changes the structure of the leaves to make them unpalatable or even poisonous to animal feeders…

    The problem is that most gardening product companies see caterpillars as a problem or pest that needs to be repelled. Whereas for us, we delight in them.

    A very good question! Please let us know what you find out.

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