Our butterflies need our help.


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    Dear members,
    I had not seen Admiral butterflies and my nettles had grown taller and not been eaten by caterpillars, and fewer Monarch butterflies in Thames, I only saw a male monarch butterfly feeding from my lantanas. The male Monarch butterfly were not at pleased not finding a female Monarch butterfly.

    Please DESTROY all nests of social wasps…(NO jokes), our butterflies need our help. I were not pleased at see too few butterflies.

    Paper wasp nests:

    You need a rake or shade to remove the nests off under roofs, windows, in small plants, fences, branches of trees, as nests are on south, east, west sides of houses & buildings. Then stamp onto nests to smash them, until you killed all paper wasps.
    Try in early mornings or night time as wasps too sluggish to fly, plus all wasps on nests.

    European wasps (Common wasps & Germany wasps):

    Lay the poison powder near nests.
    Follow the wasps to nests, then lay poison near nest.
    If no poison…fill a bottle, with car petrol and put the bottle into nest, so petrol will kill wasps.

    If you do this whether you likes or not likes, you will do butterflies a helping hand, by fewer caterpillars fell prey to wasps.
    European wasps catch & kill butterflies in mid-air, to feed their larvae.

    Fewer Monarch butterflies this month were caused by European wasps caught these Monarch butterflies in mid-air and killed them, before took them to nests, plus Paper wasps killed the caterpillars.

    No hunting for Monarch butterflies, Admiral butterflies, white Admiral butterflies…give them a break (no hunting, with a net), so they will recover their numbers. Hunting have to wait until autumn 2016 or 2017.

    Otherwise social wasps will eaten all of Monarch butterflies and Admiral butterflies into extinction…Think what will happen if Monarch butterflies became extinct in NZ, due to social wasps, this would upset these people as children and there will be no beautiful colourful exotic-looking Monarch butterfly caterpillars and beautiful shiny green berry-like pupaes that hatch into big beautiful orange & black butterflies, to delight children, and swan plants & European nettles will become weeds as without butterfly caterpillars to control the numbers of swan plants & nettles.

    Autumn is months when social wasps are at aggressive mood, due to too few prey for them to hunt. Chinese Paper wasps are the most aggressive wasp and most intelligent wasps, often attack anything that moves close to their nests.
    Too many predators as monkeys, birds, bears, mammals, reptiles, Asian people, had made Chinese Paper wasps to became the World’s most aggressive Paper wasps.

    Do destroy the nests this month to February…do NOT give the social wasps their chance to produce more queen and male wasps…NO young queen wasps would be born this year.

    This is NO joke…I am serious about importance of giving our butterflies a break so they can recover their numbers., but only if we destroyed social wasp nests.

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    Thankyou for your help. This words will be printed on next month.



    Clinton you could email a letter to the editor of the Hauraki Herald


    or the Coromandel Town Chronicle


    These won’t cost anything and would be a big help in making people aware. If you don’t want to do so, if you could find out the email address for letters to the editor, then someone else could write.

    It would be a big help.




    Thanks, but I am not do newspapers as that cost money.



    I think Jacqui means that you should write to your local newspaper. Most newspapers have a “Letters to the Editor” column.



    Hi Jacqui,
    I looked for Editor’s email address in members & about us topics, but I did not find Editor’s name and email address in this website.



    Another thing to do would be to write Letters to the Editor expressing concern too. Get the media involved.

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