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    Have you noticed a change to our website? Now when you click on the pink tab (which used to say Report Monarch Sighting) you will notice that it says "Report Butterfly Sighting" and there’s a drop-down list so that you can select whatever other butterfly you have seen – some day-flying moths are included too.

    Please encourage everyone to use this site to record what butterflies and moths they are seeing out there. It’s the same page where you would report sighting of a tagged Monarch.

    This is just the first of several changes that you will see in the near future, thanks to a recent grant from the ASB Charitable Trust. More exciting developments to come… you’ll just have to wait to see them!

    We need the help of several volunteers to help populate the site, this is to put together the data about various species of butterfly/moth, host plants, and eventually nectar plants as well. If you are able to contribute some time and like googling and finding out stuff… and are able to use tables in Word, please let me know, jacqui@monarch.org.nz.

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    Can you see the BIG SMILE on my face? I am delighted that one butterfly spotter is tonight going back over his records and adding all his sightings of butterflies into the database – it’s not so important that we collect records on Whites and Monarchs (I guess) but he is helping to build up a picture of where butterflies are and where they’re not.

    I realise that I am very remiss – I don’t put any sightings in because what I see is always the same – lots of Monarchs and always a White or two. But this builds up a false picture of what’s here and what’s not. I should get more disciplined.


    Hi Jacqui, always happy to help gather info on admirals!

    Alot of my info I have collected is on http://www.google.co.nz/group/nzadmiral

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