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    Good work on the spammers, Darren. It really is WONDERFUL to have that NOT happen – even worth the few people who give us a hard time because of it, eh?

    Good on you, too, Heather. Wish we could clone you and put you in every garden centre. Thumbs up for Kings, St Lukes!



    I regularly tell our customers to look at this web site when they are buying swan plants.
    the children especially as they are keen to ‘google’




    Oh, and you might also be interested in where they come from geographically:
    1. New Zealand 6,394
    2. United States 259
    3. United Kingdom 173
    4. Australia 140
    5. Canada 48
    6. Philippines 18
    7. Spain 11
    8. India 10
    9. Germany 9
    10. Japan 9

    Our visitors from places such as Nigeria, Russia, and Poland may have been interested in our website for reasons other than butterflies, but not one spammer has made it into our database since we started using SABRE to protect our registration form.



    well, I can tell you that 68% of our traffic last month came via search engines, 22% came straight here, and 10% got referred by other sites.

    Google sent 7902 visitors our way, Yahoo 418, facebook 136, and trademe 74.

    The top search terms terms that the visitors from google searched for were

    1 monarch butterfly
    2 monarch butterfly nz
    3 monarch butterfly food
    4 monarch butterfly trust
    5 monarch butterflies
    6 https://www.monarch.org.nz
    7 monarch.org.nz
    8 monarch caterpillar food
    9 what do monarch caterpillars eat
    10 monarch

    so three of the top 10 are about feeding caterpillars! Does that help? And I would hazard a guess the 4,6,&7 are people that have heard about us in other media such as newspaper reports.



    Great stuff, Darren. Very interesting. NOW I want to know where these visitors come from, i.e. what makes them look at our pages.

    On our membership form we have “where did you hear about us” (or something similar) but “internet” isn’t enough for me. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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