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    i have a number of caterpillars and chryslli at different stages. been cleaning them out this a.m. and have put them outside instead of the spare room where they have been until now. I don’t know if this will affect them and was wondering if i am making them vulnerable in any way by leaving them out now? temperature fluctuation, for example?? I am also aware that the constant carrying n and attention might disturb them also, so dont really want to be carting them about too much! whats the bestto do?

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    Remember there are dramatic temperature fluctuations in the wild too, SHadowbaby, so you’re really replicating Nature. Mine are in a greenhouse from egg to chrysalis, even to butterfly. I have a better success rate when I bring the chrysalises or pupae in to my front room and put them in a warm window, but only do it when I have the time.

    If you do need to shift them, it’s best to shift them by the container, or failing this, on a leaf or branch of plant – not just the individual caterpillars.



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