Overwintering Admiral caterpillars

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    Hi everyone,

    Managed to get down into the garden (read bog) a few weeks ago to give the nettle patch a bit of a tidy up – I grow Urtica australis in a couple of planters, and wanted to check that it wasn’t being decimated too much by snails. Most of the patch (2 metres by 3 metres) is the spreading Urtica dioica which had some old untidy top growth with lots of new growth now coming through at ground level. Armed with the shears I was amazed to see dozens of Admiral caterpillars, some in tents, but quite a few just on the lower leaf surface, ranging in length from 10mm to 25mm. Have these over wintered from last Autumn? Late in last Autumn there were so many Yellow Admiral visits to lay eggs. I transferred some to the butterfly castle but was discouraged when a couple of caterpillars died while hanging to pupate in the first if our cold snaps. The rest went back into the patch and seem to have certainly survived! Will expect a good Admiral season if these successfully pupate in our now warmer conditions.

    Susan (Hibiscus Coast)

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    Yes, same here Susan.

    Lots of yellow admirals over the winter – caterpillars and pupae – so it bodes well for the summer. Lovely to see!


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