Overwintering Monarchs, Christchurch

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    According to Steve Atwood, Monarchs are once again overwintering on one of the trees in Abberley Park in St Albans, Christchurch.

    Not so many yet, only 100 or so, but this tree often ends up hosting many hundreds if not thousands over winter.

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    Hi Jacquie

    It’s really not necessary to take them to Abberley Park or anywhere. What if their instincts tells them to fly in another direction? We don’t know enough about the Monarchs that we should interfere to this extent.

    Best to let them do what comes naturally. I would put them outside in the sun where they will get maximum sunshine during the day and the less wind or shade the better. They will fly away when they’re ready.

    Hope that helps!




    I have 4 big monarchs hatched out inside yesterday and I was wondering if anyone in Christchurch knows if there is still a tree in Abberley Park where they are wintering over? These are getting very active and ready for release. Would it be OK to just let them go or should I drive to Abberley and release them there? I have no nectar flowers for them and I could drive with them in the castle.

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