Overwintering Monarchs in Whangarei

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    Absolutely thrilled today to get out of my car outside a school and looking at a huge rimu at the gates, thought it would be a great place to overwinter if I was a Monarch.

    Well… then I spotted a bright spot of orange… and more. And one floating around about the tree. I moved further along the street and there were more I could see, probably about 50 in all – but who’s to say how many I couldn’t see!

    It was a real thrill. I have logged it in to our website. The school is only a few blocks from where the Pukawa Bay Monarch was sighted all those years ago.

    Someone asked me why should they log it in to our website and not just keep the information for themselves. There’s a very good reason. If we all keep records to ourselves there’s a real possibility that they’ll get lost – plus while they’re in your safekeeping they can’t be shared. However, that information that was recorded today, and the sightings that are being seen in (amongst other places) Wellington this winter give us a very good picture of what the local butterflies are doing.

    The more precise we can be, the better. If these “memories” are left until later on, rather than recorded at the time, it is more difficult.

    So please, folks, don’t keep the information to yourselves, please log it in to our website.

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