Overwintering tree in Motueka

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    Hi, does anyone know of an overwintering tree in Motueka please? Have a new butterfly and would like to take it there. Thanks.

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    Dear Adwadw

    I know your intentions are good, but monarchs do not need to be taken to overwintering sites. When you release it – even if the weather is not the most unfavourable – it will sense the right thing to do.

    Monarchs can withstand a little rain, they are waterproof. It is only high wind and torrential rain that are the weather conditions that might destroy them. So if you leave it somewhere where it will get any sun, maximum light, and as much shelter as possible without closing it in, that will be the best thing you can do for it. It needs to sense that winter is here… but it will know what to do.

    Thanks for caring! They are beautiful creatures, aren’t they.


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