Painted Lady with Problems (wing/proboscis)

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    One of our painted ladies emerged with her chrysalis still partially stick to one wing and face area. She managed to get the chrysalis off the wing, but has been left with a partially crumpled wing. Needless to say, she cannot fly well. Also, the part that was attached near the face, is small but still there and upon further inspection, it is attached to the bottom of the proboscis. She can not “roll up” her proboscis like a normal butterfly. Is there anything I can do?!?!? When I sit her on a piece of fruit, I can see the Proboscidea moving. Also, the butterfly tries to pull at her “nose/tongue” often. I have a picture, but I am unsure how to attach it. Thanks in advance!

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    I’d mist water onto the stuck chrysalis part to soften it and hope it can be shifted then. As far as the wing goes, a lot depends on how deformed it is. small variations at the end can be carefully trimmed. If the top wing is intact then there is a good chance it can fly even if the lower wing is deformed. If the top wing’s leading edge (top bit) is uncompromised the butterfly can often learn to fly even with a fold on the bottom part of that wing. I’ve found they usually take longer to learn to fly with abnormalities, so may go flat on their face at the first few efforts and I’ve had a couple that took several days and several rescues to get them going, but they did eventually. Try for calm conditions. good luck

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