Perfect Female 5 June Wgtn + New Eggs

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    I am full of appreciation and respect for a hardy warrior. She had been in a chrysalis for weeks inside and yesterday I was concerned that her chrysalis had turned too black. I could still see her inside. I decided to blast the room she was in with 2 fan heaters for my free hour of power. She eclosed and was perfect. She hung overnight and is now at my front door in the sun stretching her wings. I’m certain she’ll fly off today to a winter over site.It’s just 9 a.m. and the outside temperature is eleven degrees.I have never had a healthy butterfly born this late in the season in Wellington.I have one more chrysalis left.
    And I have eggs on my swan plants. I was unaware that winter over females could lay egg. In recent days I have seen her lay them. Has anyone else seen this?

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    Hi Caryl!

    If they are in diapause they don’t lay eggs so it sounds like she’s not in diapause – or possibly she could be too old to be of the overwintering ilk and may just be dumping her eggs, possibly not fertile.

    Will be interested in what eventuates!




    I’ve still got eggs but probably a few weeks old now. Until the last week or so its been pretty mild so i wonder if the butterflies are confused and have mated when they should have been hunting out an overwinter site? I’ve had my last butterflies as late as the 10th of June in prior years. All finished now apart from 2 caterpillars in the hot house who have an abundance of food at least. They were from eggs I hatched inside, its the first success i’ve had with eggs. Hopefully your new girl will be sensible and take off for the winter over grounds.

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