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    Repeated from a newsletter

    Pests, parasites, predators

    Want more butterflies? Then it?s a case of going organic. Here are some tips to

    keep the ?foes? at bay while you foster the friendly butterflies.

    A bright yellow card smothered in vaseline and then hung in your plants, will

    catch all sorts of flying insects. These can also be bought from garden centres.

    Ants ? plant spearmint, onion, tansy. Talcum powder sprinkled over ant trails and

    sprinkled around the drip-line of the plant also deters them

    Garlic chives deters aphids, also plant garlic, spearmint. Spraying with Neem oil

    won?t affect caterpillars.

    Bean beetles ? marigold, basil, chives, parsley, oregano.

    Cabbage beetle and white butterfly ? use Neem soap spray, garlic, wormwood or

    simply pour your washing water over entire plant.

    Cabbage worms ? rosemary, sage, thyme.

    Carrot flies ? chives, onions, rosemary, sage.

    Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica) ? plant garlic, tansy.

    For mealybugs, scales ? dab with methylated spirits, or use oil.

    Nematodes ? marigold, nasturtium.

    Passion vine hoppers are those little insects about the size of your small

    fingernail which look like those triangular jet aircraft ? they take off with a click

    and a jump when you touch them. They and aphids were reducing the health of

    my Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) and Swan plant in my garden. I

    found Aquaticus, made from fish and seaweed. Insects HATE it ? so it gave my

    plants a bit of an advantage while the wasps were still rife.

    Striped cucumber beetles ? tansy, garlic, marigold, nasturtium.

    Curry plant will discourage whitefly, as will spearmint and tansy.

    RNZIH web page on Aphids

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