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    Marie Smith

    I’m wondering if people registering pest sightings could please give us a little information in their reports. I notice 3 new messages there this morning, but none of them mention what the pest is … is this a game to keep us on the edge of our collective seats. :)

    I caught a wasp this morning eating out the inside of a crysallis that was just starting to hatch. You can imagine what I did with that wasp. He will not reoffend. :)


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    Marie Smith

    Yes indeed Gilly. It’s just possible that a little sympathy for the wasps is in order. I went after another wasp that was stalking and pestering a bigger caterpiller. I took a swipe at the wasp, scared the britches off it and it flew into the web of a large black spider. Out came the spider, grabbed the wasp and I had the pleasure of watching the somewhat one sided battle as the big black spider dealt to it. :)))
    Ah well, another one bites the dust.



    LOL Diana.. I’m starting to feel sorry for your wasps! 🙂
    I think 2 pest sightings said wasp and ants…. I caught a German wasp this afternoon attacking one of my monarchs… he didn’t give up and finally settled on monarch’s rear and monarch took off.

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