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    The Zoological Society of London is working on a collaborative project with the the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission (SSC) and ARKive to help highlight the plight of the world?s invertebrates.

    The aim is to help bring invertebrate conservation onto the international agenda. As part of this, they are producing a report, summarising the ongoing assessment work of the IUCN Red List partners to illustrate status and trends of invertebrates, which will be launched at the World Conservation Congress in Jeju (6-15th September 2012).

    In addition to this and in conjunction with ARKive, they are hoping to increase the availability of high quality images of invertebrates for conservation purposes, and redress the imbalance between coverage of vertebrate and invertebrate conservation issues. This is in line with ARKive?s mission to promote the conservation of the world?s threatened species through the power of wildlife imagery.

    We would therefore like to invite submissions of invertebrate images to the ARKive collection, but with the specific remit for the images to be used more widely to promote invertebrate conservation. This may include the use of images for the IUCN Red List (, the IUCN Amazing Species project ( amazing-species) and the above mentioned report on status and trend of invertebrates, as well as press releases in conjunction with these activities.

    In order to reach as many contributors as possible and attract the best invertebrate images, we are running this submission process as a photography competition, with a deadline of 20th July for entries to the competition (though later submissions may still become part of the ARKive collection and may be used by ARKive, ZSL and IUCN as outlined below).

    Please submit your images directly to ARKive using the following email address:

    They are planning to exhibit the best images at a special exhibition to be held in August 2012 at the Zoological Society of London in the run up to the World Conservation Congress in Jeju, so that images will not only benefit invertebrate conservation, but will also be showcased to a large public audience.

    ZSL is also planning a public Science and Conservation event at the ZSL Meeting Rooms which will include another exhibition of these images.

    The winning entry will receive a two-day ticket to WildPhotos (http://, the UK?s largest photography symposium, dedicated to exploring the power of nature photography. Photographers whose images are selected to be displayed at London Zoo will receive a pair of tickets to London Zoo to attend the photographic exhibition. The winner and runners up will also receive a copy of ZSL?s report on the status and trends of invertebrates.

    If you have any queries regarding the project, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant coordinators at ZSL (Ben Collen,, IUCN SSC (Rachel Roberts, or the collaborators at ARKive (Lucie Muir,

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