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    Hi there photographers!

    I have been working with the Science Learning Hub, University of Waikato, where they are putting together resources for schools on the Monarch butterfly. They need a few more photographs and if anyone would like to supply high res. ones, it would be appreciated. What we need are:

    Female Monarch, to differentiate from a male

    Monarch laying an egg on a milkweed leaf

    Female white butterfly

    Red admiral caterpillar in a stinging nettle tent

    If anyone can assist, please email me privately. There is no payment :( but you will be acknowledged.

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    Other emails are coming through fine, Rob, so I’m not sure why they would have been rejected. Could you please send the photos individually (if you didn’t already) to Perhaps the size of the email was too large?

    Not needing the complete lifecycles at this point, but if any of your photographs are “really interesting”, i.e. WOW photographs, then perhaps they would be considered for the calendar. You can authorise the images’ use for either the MBNZT or the Science Learning Hub or both, as you see fit.

    Thanks Rob. Much appreciated.




    Hi Jacqui,
    I sent you some photos of Admirals and Common Coppers to but the images were sent back to me. Are you sure the address is correct? Are you wanting complete lifecycles as well or just the adult butterfly? Also am I authorising the images to be used by BMNZT or Science Learning Hub?

    Ta, Rob



    I think the male white – judging by the “perfect photo” I just missed out on the other day has two spots on each wing. Here is the not so perfect photo of two whites I took previous that was on facebook But not as easy to see difference.The photo I missed out on wings were spread and really clear to see – maybe another time. As far as the common blues mating, sorry Jacqui, – it’s not there I am obviously going madder by the minute, I will have to find that as well.



    Hi Yvonne

    Just found your message – I don’t know the difference between the male and female white butterfly either.

    Did not see the pictures of the common blues mating? Where is that?

    I don’t use Facebook much at present – I’m spending a lot of time travelling.

    Take care and thanks.





    Never got a reply from the facebook message so assume you got those sorted. The male white only has the single spot each wing. Silly me I haven’t observed them much until recently. I am trying to take my my off other worries so I am hoping to set up a website soon which will make it easier for exchange of photo’s hopefully and keep them all together in a safe place.Did you see the pictures of the common blues mating? It is hard to see them but zoomed up it’s not bad so will have to do some editing when i get my act together.



    Yes, and there’s more we need too!

    (a) We’re putting together a calendar for the MBNZT, and we want good quality photographs of any NZ butteflies/moths – at any stage of their metamorphosis.

    (b) The Science Learning Hub also want photographs of:

    NZ red admiral (not Chatham Is)
    yellow admiral
    forest ringlet
    black mountain ringlet
    common copper
    glade copper
    Rauparaha?s copper

    We have some really great photographs of Monarch butterflies in various stages of their metamorphosis, so we do NOT need more of those.

    We need high resolution of other NZ butterflies/moths, and in particular those ones noted above. They can be emailed to

    Would you also write a note with each photograph that asserts you are the legal owner of the photographs and that you grant the MBNZT the right to use them.

    Thanks all!




    Do you still need photos Jacqui

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