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    I was lucky enough to win a prize of a "Wally One" when signing up with the Monarch Trust and have just received it yesterday."One" means one modular – you buy as many as you want and put them all together, attach to a wall,then fill them up with your dirt/compost and plants. My one is a bright blue and they are made from recycled plastic that is like a felt bag with a waterproof backing so the wall behind doesn’t get moist. The felt "tongue covers the back panel then you water this and it takes the water down to the soil. As I have limited floor space in my "in progress make shift butterfly house" this is a great idea to use the otherwise unutilised higher wall area and I will probably put nettles, groundsel or cinerarias in mine…Ah, Yes, cinerarias would be colourful, great for my Magpie Moths and would be further out of reach for any slugs and snails if they find there way in..Cinerarias it is :)

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