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    Stefan Olson

    In setting up a new garden I’ve been looking for a place that I could source lots of different plants that will attract butterflies at a reasonable price. I’m having to try and find plants other than buddleia. A few weeks back whilst doing a Google search I discovered Ravenhill Nursery (

    I have now already made three different orders with more to come in spring I think. Their service has been fantastic. They have a lot of different flowering plants that apparently attract butterflies. We’ll wait and see which ones work well once the garden gets established for next year’s season. Hopefully some of them at least will be able to replace my buddleia when the horrible weevil destroys them all 🙁

    Other than being a happy customer have no affiliation with this company. Just posted in case this is helpful for others searching for plants like I was.


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    During summer, I discovered monarchs enjoyed sunflowers.


    Stefan Olson

    Wanganui, but they have a very good website that allows mail order. So I just keep ordering more plants 🙂



    Where are they, Stefan?

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