Planting milkweed seeds

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    Have just been in Southland where schools I spoke to snapped up the offer of free milkweed seeds (e.g. swan plant). These are some great planting instructions for schools:

    1. Cultivate the area (remove the weeds),

    2. have the kids toss the seeds,

    3. put a small amount of soil on top,

    4. then have the kids do the wildflower dance (walk not romp on the area) do a little growing song as you walk.

    If you can’t remove the weeds easily, take a layer of 10 wet newspapers (black print only), put those down on the grass. Put 5cm of mulch and then 5cm of soil, follow directions for planting above starting with 2.

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    Now there is a good way to plant seeds;-))


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