Planting Swan Plant Seeds

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    I have bought some Swan plant seeds and wish to know when is the best time to plant them and can the be planted in Yates magic seed raising mix?

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    Here’s another idea for a budget seed propagator made from 1.5L or 2L soft drink bottles. Partially cut through the bottle so you can fold back the top third. two thirds fill with seed mix, add seeds, and fold lid back over. The inventor claims seeds germinate five days faster. Sounds just right for a sunny windowsill.



    We had a similar discussion at this time last year, lots of good advice there:

    Swan plant indoors

    also clicking on the word “seeds” on the list on the right hand side of your screen will bring up a number of other discussions on this topic.



    Hi Jacqui
    Thanks for the info, I did plant some seeds I got from the Esplanade in Palmerston North about a month ago but the they have no germinated. They were outside for a couple of weeks in a sunny spot, but then bought them inside and put them on the windowsill so I just wondered what I did wrong. The new seeds I will not leave outside.



    Hello Russell

    It’s been a while since I’ve “planted” swan plant seeds as they grow naturally in my garden.

    My recommendation is to sprinkle them on the top of your soil (Yates Magic Seedraising Mix should be fine) and then scatter a little bit more of the mix on top of them. You don’t need to “plant” them as such.

    You can plant them now but only if it’s a warm place. If you’re planting them out in the garden, then they will probably sprout in the warmer months – I guess a lot depends on where you are. You can plant them indoors (old egg trays are good) and then plant them out when it’s warmer.

    Slugs and snails love the seedlings, so you might like to watch out for that.

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