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    Looking for plants with substantial foliage.. we have so many caterpillars and I’m worried we will run out of food.. I’ve bought some juvinille plants but obviously they’re still quite small…

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    Hi Emilie – sadly, there’s not much available this year.

    1. The man who used to overwinter plants and sell them in their second season decided not to do it last year.

    2. The long, wet winter killed off a lot of the established swan plants – and helped the mollusc population (snails and slugs) to grow, and they of course feasted on many of the plants that weren’t dying.

    3. It’s been a late start to spring/warmer weather, and although the monarchs have returned, there’s not a lot of growth on the swan plants yet.

    There is a grower in Hamilton (The Plant Place) that does have larger plants for sale, you could try him. Ask for Bruce. 78 Alison St, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton 3204 – phone 07-839 5446. Also, I do have some larger plants which are beginning to shoot away as I’ve been feeding them.

    As well as looking for a solution, you would do well to plant more plants – even the small plants being sold in the stores – as well as more seed – and keeping them all covered.

    Good luck with it!


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