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    Everyone is very welcome to use the forum, but we ask that you respect the “rules”.

    There are several forums – make sure when you start a new topic, you choose the most appropriate forum. There is one for PLANTS and another for RESEARCH (e.g. tagging, transects).

    Also, you will note a line below where you type, “Topic Tags” – this is the place to leave key words which refer to what you’re posting about. Think in terms of someone trying to find your question in the future. What sort of key words would they be looking for? OR, for example, imagine you are looking for the answer to a question when you go into the library. What key words would you tell the librarian, or refer to when looking through the system?

    You will notice that this forum message has been posted in the “Need help with the forum” so if you’re looking in the Plants forum, it won’t appear.

    Hope that helps both you and me. I have to go through each day’s messages at present, moving them into the most appropriate forum and adding topic tags and it’s a job I wish I didn’t have to do!

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    Separate them with a comma, e.g.




    What is the format for multiple topic tags – do you separate them with spaces plus a colon, semi-colon or comma or? The HTML tags above the box are confusing to me with various signs next to the words,
    thanks Fiona

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