Portable greenhouse, suitable for cuttings and seedlings

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    For those of you who want to get a start on milkweed growing (etc), here’s a good deal:


    $28 for a 3 tier greenhouse storage unit with cover (or $35 for a 4 tier)

    While you might not be able to indulge in a tropical escape, your plants sure can!
    Grab a greenhouse storage unit in three tier or four tier design
    Protect your precious plants from extreme weather conditions, birds and other damaging outdoor elements
    Transparent design lets the sun in
    Plus it’s easy to look in and see your plants!
    Features waterproof PVC cover, roll-up easy access entrance, easy setup, storage shelves and strong metal frame
    Perfect for your herbs or favourite pot plants
    Keep on the deck, patio or garden
    Three tier design measures: 69cm width x 49cm depth x 125 cm height
    Four tier design measures: 69cm width x 49cm depth x 158cm height
    Keep those plants cosy this winter and grab yours today!

    Enter delivery details at time of purchase (voucher does not need to be redeemed). $10 delivery fee applies per unit. Delivered in New Zealand only. Max purchase: 5. Allow up to 5 weeks for delivery. Not valid for rural or PO Box deliveries.

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    I started germinating some swan plants several weeks ago. I left them in the shelter of a tree on our deck in Auckland. They started to grow but seem to be hybernating and not doing much. I was concerned they might grow too quickly if I put them inside in the warmth. Does the fall off in growth mean they wont come to anything? Does it mean I should put them in a green house or can I just leave them out?



    Thanks for alerting us about this deal. I’ve thought about getting one but I understand they’re not very stable and certainly not for the winds here. I’ve had no luck germinating swan plant seeds so soon I will purchase a germinating tray with a heat pad to see if that will work!

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