Praying mantids wanted

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    This request from Murray Fea:

    I am a student at the University of Auckland soon to commence my MSc thesis work on the New Zealand praying mantis Orthodera novaezealandiae and the exotic springbok praying mantis Miomantis caffra. I require live specimens of both species and if you happen to have either at hand I would greatly appreciate it if you could collect them. They can be sent to:

    Murray Fea

    C/O Margaret Stanley

    School of Biological Sciences

    Tamaki Campus, Building 733.330

    The University of Auckland

    Private Bag 92019, Auckland Mail Centre,

    Auckland 1142

    Alternatively, I can pick them up if within the Auckland region.

    Praying mantids cope well in the post, and can be collected and posted in small individual plastic jars, or something similar.

    Please do not put more than one in a container (they will eat one another) or put other things in the container with them (they can easily get squashed). All sizes and ages are required, so any mantids of both species will be appreciated.

    Thank you very much

    Murray Fea

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    You can reach me at or 580 1105
    Thanks for your help 🙂


    Hi Murray or Jackie, can anyone send me a phone number or email address to make contact. I have a few in containers now that are free to a good home.
    I am in panmure so if you drop off or I can arrange a pick up of more containers I can fill them for you and take away what i have.



    Great, thank you Abbey.
    In terms of a time frame I will need specimens for as long as the mantids are still around, which should be another couple of months. So basically, if you can find them, I need them! If I complete my trials ahead of schedule and no longer need any mantids I will put a post here.



    Im planning to rip out the weed vines etc in my vege pit. We usually have loads in there. Dunno what species they are, just that they are bugs. Hehe

    Ill see if i can catch some.

    Is there any time frame for this?

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