Problems with tag requests – especially for taggers

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    We have been having problems with our email server and it appears people’s requests for tags have not been coming through to me over the past seven or so days.

    We will get this anomaly fixed as soon as we can – but bear in mind that it’s Easter and the Mr Fixit is on holiday…

    If you have requested tags and not yet received them please email me again.

    Send it to:

    Keep your email brief and simple please – just the basics – sheets come in 25 tags/sheet.

    * How many sheets do you need?

    * Name

    * Address

    * Phone number (in case there’s a problem)

    * Email address (that you use – if it’s different to the one you’re writing from)

    Apologies again. If you can do this today or tomorrow or even Sunday morning I will send them on Sunday afternoon – hopefully there may be a mail collection then.



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