Propagation on the cheap

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    I’ve grown various plants mostly natives, over many years in a simple unit. I use a 2L icecream container with several slits in the base, filled to within a few cm of the rim with "sharp sand". I get my sand from a sunny part of a local river bank but I guess it could just as easily come from the beach. Either way wash in copious fresh water to remove silt and/or salt. Place the cuttings (about 10) in with or without rooting hormone. Next a frame to support a clear plastic bag, which will extend down to be tucked in under the base of the container. Construct the frame usinng 2 pieces of fencing wire each about 85cm long. In the center of each make a ‘top’ the width of the container, and at the bottom of each ‘side’ bend about 5cm to form a foot, in opposite directions on each wire. Insert each foot down the inner side of the container so that it rests along the bottom of the respective side. You should see a pair of inverted ‘u’s crossing at rt angles at the top. Water well and cover with the bag. Keep in the shade and water (especially in the first few crucial days), if there is no condensation on the inside of the bag. I use a bag without breathing holes. I had expected trouble with fungal attack but it has scarcely been an issue. Hope it works with monarch tucker plants.

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    Wonderful! I think I could use it with other plants too, Mike.

    Would you be able to send us a photograph and I’ll put it on the website?

    Thanks heaps


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