Pruning swan plants

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    Now is the time to be pruning and feeding any gangly swan plants… and you can get more than you bargained for. The prunings can give you MORE plants, plus your original plant will grow twice as much.

    Swan plants needing pruning

    Prune on a slant, leaving a few leaves on the plant. If there is dew or rain, the water will run off. Immediately below the cut, and above those two leaves, will sprout more branches… so you have just DOUBLED the amount of area of leaf. When these two branches get a bit longer – say 200 mm – you might want to prune it again. You will end up with a bushy plant.

    Cut on a slant

    With the piece of plant you’ve removed immediately cut into the bottom of the stem several times, upwards. (Or you can break the bottom 1-2 cm with a hammer.) In that way the plant will be able to better absorb water. Stand that stem in a vase of water. Over the next few weeks it should sprout roots and then you can plant that out too.

    You can even put caterpillars onto this plant to reduce the number of leaves, just don’t let them fall in the water! By reducing the number of leaves you’re helping the plant concentrate its energy on growing roots.

    split stem, to help the branch absorb water

    Feed the plant well – I like Yates Thrive Natural Fish & Seaweed Fertiliser.

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    Can I share this with the neighbours I am giving plants to?!

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