Putting newly hatched butterflies outside in winter

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    Sandra L

    We have brought the crytalis’s inside as they were falling off the swan plant due to the wild weather and they were not hatching.
    The first one has hatched, what is the best way to relocate the butterfly back outside as it is winter in Auckland. We want to optimise its survival. We have 5 to go.

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    Hi Sandra

    Good idea, bringing the chrysalises indoors and putting them somewhere where it’s warm and bright.

    You may already have searched the forum and found the answer to your question but if you haven’t, somewhere with maximum shelter from wind and rain, and maximum likelihood to catch any rays of the sun. So probably on the northern side of any object but it could be under the shelter of a porch or eaves or a tree. Will leave it to you to make a decision!

    Remember that butterflies have been surviving the winters (well, the strongest ones have) for millions of years and have a lot better instinct (probably) than us humans! I have been watching an overwintering colony on a tree in Napier, and when the wind came from one direction they would all move around to the leaside (other side, away from the wind)… and then when the sun came out, they’d go round to the north. The wind would come from the other direction and they’d adjust their location to suit.

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