Raising Monarchs this season

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    I posted an item on another forum tonight about my Monarch raising experiences this season & thought that I would post it here as well: I have swan plants in a netted enclosure where the butterflies can’t strip them all at once, & a couple of ‘decoy’ plants on the outside for the butterflies to lay on. The wasps get a lot of the eggs & caterpillars, on these decoys but a few survive at a time & these I bring inside & feed from the food in the netted enclosure. Shallow jars of water with cling wrap over the top & a hole poked through for pieces of swan plant to reach the water means that the food stays fresh until eaten down by the caterpillars, & then replaced. I sit these jars inside a large plastic container which has air holes drilled in it. When ready to pupate the caterpillars migrate to the top of the container & attach themselves. So far this year I have raised & released about 200 butterflies. Eventually the swan plants grew out of the netting, & the butterflies descended on them rapturously; they are now a seething mass of caterpillars & there are pupae everywhere in my garden, whether these will survive this burst of bad weather remains to be seen. I have brought inside those that are on plants that can be picked, the rest will have to take their chances as many are attached to netting, fences & posts.

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    Well done, Monkey! That’s the spirit. You’re creating a very good example.


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