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    I thought I would grow 3 stinging nettle plants and see if the Red Admerial would come and lay eggs. After several weeks I went and checked on on plants only to find them half dead. Strange I thought as you can’t kill weeds. Can you imagine my surprise when I realized the plants aren’t dead but eaten by hungry cats. I put the word our for more stinging nettle to feed my hungry mouths. This also arrived with cats on. I now have 37 crysalises hanging in my castle. I found a ready supply of stinging nettle growing in the local bowling green. I have been making regular visits digging some up to bring home. The other day I went back with spade at the ready only to find they had all been pulled out. Can’t tell you how disapointd I was, not only for the food but some of them had tiny cats on. I hatched my first 4 butterflys last night so am very excited. Makes it all worth will growing nettles for them. I only hope I don’t regret this next year when all the seeds start sprouting. I must be barmey to want to grow stinging nettle.

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    Great to hear, Marie! A shame that they’d pulled the plant out. I suppose no-one had noticed it there until you made it become desirable… and then they discussed it and thought they better get rid of it. Maybe the thought it was being used for drugs, LOL.

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