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    Hi there

    I raise heaps of Monarch butterflies with my kids and we want to raise Red Admiral too. Has anyone Native Nettle (Urtica incisa) plants or seeds and Red Admiral caterpillars to start off? Or do you know where I can get the plants/seeds from? I am in Warkworth area





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    As Jacqui replied to another thread, you can buy seeds of Urtica incisa from the Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust. Use the Shop tab or click here

    I buy the seeds of Urtica australis on trademe. I think the guy that collects the seed is actually in the South Island but he posts them OK. I have had almost 100% success rate with his seeds. I have just checked trademe, and at the moment he seems to be offering U. urens and U.ferox but no U.australis. I prefer U. australis for raising my Admirals because it has huge leaves, and you get more feed. But they will eat any nettle.

    You will need to have the nettles established before you start getting larvae, as they chomp through a fair bit.

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